Silkian Hoian Hotel & Spa

Rediscovering the treasured secret attracting merchants worldwide, Silkian Hoian Hotel & Spa brings you the most luxury experience into glorious days of Hoi An. With exquisite craftmanship and meticulous details, we weave the finest arts of silk into the décor, translating the poetry of Hoi An's old town into the elegant contemporary wood design, reflecting the heritage beauty awaiting you to discover.

Silkian Hoian Hotel & Spa is proudly situated between Hoi An’s UNESCO World Heritage ancient town and stunning golden An Bang Beach (World’s Top 50 most beautiful beaches). It's less than 2km to both destinations, and you can either take a leisurely walk or conveniently use daily bus service. The hotel is also in proximity of various attractions, promising an immersive experience into this beautiful town.

Taking inspiration from silk, we offer a collection of 50 unique rooms and suites. With passion for classic beauty of Hoi An, its cultural and artistic magnificence, we seek to elevate your stay with whole new perspective of the city. With our hospitality, dedicated and personalised service, we promise remarkable holidays for everyone who visits Silkian Hoian Hotel & Spa.